Household goods, products, and consumption are linked to 72% of global emissions. Your personal choices are the greatest driver toward a more sustainable world.

Learn how to make an impact by taking circular actions.

Take Action

Living a more circular life doesn’t mean making sacrifices. Circular choices can save you money and improve your quality of life!

Breaking the habit of food waste, purchasing household goods made from sustainable carbon, and avoiding fast fashion are three of the most impactful circular actions you can take as an individual. Together, we can mitigate 52% of the planet’s CO2 emissions by making more circular choices.

Why Personal Action?

When we adopt circular practices in our daily lives we drive businesses and governments to change their operations and supply chains to recover or recycle resources.

Your choices as a consumer influence everything from what products get stocked on shelves to infrastructure investments. And circular choices often correlate to a healthier, cost-effective lifestyle. It’s a win win!

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Can we count you in to going circular?

You’ve learned how your personal choices help drive the transition to a more circular world. Take a step on your own circular journey!

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